“Old Man Bob’s Young Boy Days” – Book Review

A short, but powerful, book that looks like it is meant to be a children’s book but is in reality a book for all of us “more mature” readers and the child that remains within each of us.

Book Cover of “Old Man Bob’s Young Boy Days”

Bob takes us on a journey to his own childhood, remembering events and occasions from his life as a boy. A time when, as the book’s description states, “We played outside with friends. Life was slower and closer to where we were. No video games or smart phones. No Internet or large flat screen televisions. Computers were as big as a house and telephones had cords.”

These are Bob’s memories, but really they could be anyone’s memories and that, in point of fact, is the purpose of the book. When you get to the end of the book and Bob’s reminisces, he invites you to take the same journey within your own memories.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Rosanna Arias with a whimsical yet realistic style that reinforces the way Bob remembers himself and, likewise, how we remember ourselves.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Bob is a friend and co-worker of mine, but I purchased this book at full price myself and this review is my own.

You can order this delightful book HERE

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