National Pet Day 2018

Today is National Pet Day and tomorrow marks 7 years since we rescued Bella, so I thought I’d combine the two events into this one post.

Bella National Pet Day

April 12, 2011, the day Bella joined our family as a puppy.

I’m reluctant to refer to Tigger or Bella as “pets” as they are more like members of our family. I’ve certainly spent more on food and medical care for them than I’ve ever spent on myself, but that’s what you do for beloved members of your family, and that they are.

Bella National Pet Day

Bella a couple of months ago. She’s still shy and doesn’t like to look at the camera when her picture is being taken.

Bella is always excited to see me when I return to wherever she is; wagging her tail, turning in circles, whimpering, jumping around, and even giving me her cute doggie smile.

Tigger hides his excitement well. He comes out, looks at me, turns his back to me, and throws his tail into the air as he walks away. But I know he’s just playing it cool.

Tigger National Pet Day

Tigger a couple of months ago in his carrier, refusing to come out for the vet visit.

And I can’t let this post end without remembering our beloved Wolf who left us much too soon. Rest In Peace Wolf, you were a quirky little guy, but you were loved mightily.

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