More Photos From The Moving Day Parkinson’s Walk

Monday , 23, March 2015 5 Comments

In addition to the photos highlighting my mother-in-law in the Moving Day Parkinson’s Walk post last week, I had also taken many other photos of family members and the surroundings at Crane’s Roost Park. Here are some of the best of those photos.

Ann, Mikey and Heather

My beautiful daughter with my oldest grandchildren, Heather and Mikey.

Heather at the Starting Arch of Balloons.

Heather at the Arch of Balloons that marked the starting point of the walk.

Casey and Mom Perkins

My mother-in-law with one of her granddaughters, Casey, posing for a picture.

Abby walking with us.

My middle granddaughter, Abby, enjoying the walk…for now.

Left to right; Heather (listening to her iPod), Cindy, Ann and Abby (doing some kind of impression...maybe of Granddad).

Left to right; Heather (listening to her iPod), Cindy, Ann and Abby (doing some kind of impression…maybe of Granddad).

Abby sitting in Granny's lap in wheelchair.

Grampy (my father-in-law) pushing Granny (my mother-in-law) with Abby in Granny’s lap as Cindy (Grandma) looks on. I decided to make this one Black & White to emphasize the light and darkness.

Heather lying on steps

Heather decided to take a break and lie on the steps after the first lap.

Heather lying on the steps

A Black & White version of the same photo.

Mikey and Ann

Mikey and his mom relaxing after the first lap.

Mikey and his mom

A Black & White version of the same photo. I like the effect here much better than the color shot.

Abby and Amber.

Abby and her mom Amber walk through the Balloon Arch to start the second lap.

Starting the second lap.

From right to left; Cindy, her mother, her oldest brother Ed pushing the wheelchair, her older brother Paul, and in the background you can see Mikey, Ed’s son Dusty and Dusty’s wife Leslie as they start the second lap.

Walkway over Crane's Roost Lake

A shot of the walkway that takes you over Crane’s Roost Lake at the Park.

Granny and Abby.

At the end of the walk, Granny smiles while Abby enjoys a bottle of water.

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  • Thanks so much for your kind comment on my recent post. 🙂

    You were able to capture such vivid colors in this photo series — very nice!

  • goepicurista says:

    It looks like a gorgeous day at Cranes Roost park and you got awesome pictures of the family! Great memories!

  • citysurfingorlando says:

    That’s quite a clan you and Cindy have there. =)

  • leah679 says:

    Wow! It looks like it was a perfect day with your big family! Wonderful, vibrant photos, too! Kudos!