Misssion Rehearsal Training at the NETC

FEMA Emergency Management Institute logoLast Sunday, February 2nd, I flew to BWI to attend a week of Mission Rehearsal Training at the National Emergency Training Center/Emergency Management Institute located in Emmitsburg, MD.

After a 90-minute bus drive with about 30 other students, some for the class I would be in and some for other classes taking place that week, I arrived at the intake center, got my room assignment and went to the dining hall for dinner before returning to my room in time for the the Super Bowl.

It was a good week of classes on leadership skills, lessons on emergency management processes, exercises that honed our abilities we have gained over the years, and an enjoyable time of catching up with friends and fellow emergency managers (some whom I hadn’t seen in a few years as we have been spread across the country) and finally meeting others I’ve only known by reputation.

Below is a video I made of a few photos from the campus and several selfies I took on the last day of class with many of my old friends and new ones. Even so, I missed getting pictures with some that I wanted to include. Maybe next time. 🙂


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