Miserable Bookstore Employees

Interior shot of bookstoreI always thought that, aside from owning my own bookstore, it would be pretty damn cool to work in a bookstore. I’d get to work around books, with people who love books, assist customers who love books and maybe even get a discount on books. In fact, I sort of knew it would be better if I worked in a bookstore instead of owning one because if I was the owner I’d be inclined to just sit in the store all day reading my stock. Seems like a sure recipe for failure of the bookstore to stay open and profitable.

But it seems that working in a bookstore may not be all that great either, at least not if the bookstore is named Barnes & Noble. According to this report, employees and even store managers working at Barnes & Noble bookstores are pretty miserable. I mean, one poster is thrilled to get a job at McDonald’s because they will pay more and give more hours than the Barnes & Noble bookstore where the poster currently works. Wow!

Maybe I’ll go back to my plan of owning a bookstore instead.

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  1. Having worked in both a corporate bookstore and an indie bookstore, I would never work in a corporate one again. It does suck all the fun out of what could be a great job.

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