Miscellaneous Meanderings

Tuesday , 18, February 2014 Comments Off on Miscellaneous Meanderings

Tonight I’m “batching” it while Cindy’s parents are out of town and Cindy is spending the night with Amber and Abby.

We went to Lake Underhill this morning and walked 2.8 miles. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my cell phone at home so wasn’t able to record it on the “MapMyWalk” app. Then most of the rest of the day was running errands, not the least of which was taking Tigger to the vet to see how his diabetes treatment was progressing. The office blood test showed a greatly reduced and now normal blood sugar level, using only prescribed food, so we were very happy.

I just saw the Doritos time travel commercial. Pretty funny!!

Have you ever wondered what the Five Olympic Rings mean? If so, here’s the answer.

This is pretty funny. I’m surprised that Uncle Sam seemingly forgot that satire and parody are protected elements of freedom of speech under the First Amendment.

Jamie Coots, Snake Handler DiesThis guy (in the photo to the right) is a leading contender for the 2014 Darwin Award.

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