Merchant Surveys

Wednesday , 13, November 2013 Comments Off on Merchant Surveys

Last week, in the course of one day’s worth of shopping and eating out, I collected 6 receipts that also contained pleas for me to go online and complete merchant surveys. All but one of them promised a “chance” to win from $250 to $1000. The one that didn’t make that offer instead offered a code for $4 off on my next visit.



Now, here’s true confession time. I’ve been filling out these merchant surveys on receipts for years and when I say years I mean at least 10-11 years. In all that time I have never, ever won any money. Not even a penny. I thought that eventually the odds would tilt in my favor, if these “chances” are legitimate, but it’s never happened.

Does anyone EVER win merchant surveys?

I’ve decided that, other than those that offer money off on the next visit, I will no longer use my time to take these surveys. From now on, if they want me to play they’re going to have to pay.

By the way, in case you were wondering, those aren’t my receipts in the picture. Mine were all crumpled up in the wastebasket and I had to get this picture of receipts off the web.