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Friday , 17, April 2015 2 Comments

Lifehacker LogoI enjoy the Lifehacker website. They have a wide variety of tech and non-tech pointers that help streamline your life. I make heavy use of their RSS feed in my Feedly reader to keep up with all the good stuff they make available.

One of my favorite features of the site is when they have leaders in various fields (writers, photographers, videographers, programmers, etc.) come in and offer up a view of “How I Work”, which covers processes, equipment, apps and tips they use to get their work done.

I always pick up at least one, but usually more, way to add something to my arsenal of working smarter and better. A lot of times it’s apps, but I have found that I can also adopt a practice or process that has worked for someone else.

Lifehacker "How I Work" Ed Zitron photoThe latest Lifehacker “How I Work” by Ed Zitron of EZPR is even more in depth than usual about how and why Ed uses the processes, equipment, and apps he does in his business. It provides a better than typical montage of his workflow. I really enjoyed his insights, and even understood some of them, lol.

Surf over there sometime and see if you find anything helpful.

P.S.  A couple of days ago Lifehacker put up a NEW “How I Work” post featuring novelist, comic book writer and TV screenwriter Warren Ellis. It’s a pretty cool look at his process.


2 thoughts on “ : Lifehacker “How I Work” Profiles”
  • citysurfingorlando says:

    I tend to pick up things here and there, too. Even if you don’t use it, it’s interesting to see how others flow through their workday.

  • J.M. Wetherington Sr. says:

    Yes, it is. 🙂