Last Night In Little Rock

Thursday , 5, June 2014 1 Comment

Here at the hotel almost everything is packed, other than what I’ll need in the morning.  And it will be an early morning with a 3am alarm and a 6am flight which should bring me into Orlando via a 2 hour layover in Charlotte around 1pm local time.

I’m looking forward to seeing my wife, our family and our grandchildren, all of whom will be in Orlando Friday night since the Texas-annexed part of our family will be in town for a wedding.

We had a going away lunch today for those of us who are heading home. We had an enjoyable meal at a BBQ place named “Whole Hog Cafe” and the food was delicious. Here’s a photo I took of my coworkers.


Back at the office I finished up my work and check out procedures and just before I left I took this “selfie” of the reminder I left everyone that I was there.


Got to hit the sack.


One thought on “ : Last Night In Little Rock”
  • Desiree says:

    Glad to see you are getting some more home time. Will you be going out again soon or be able to get back up to your cabin and enjoy the NC weather for a while?