Jade Sleepover

Friday , 15, November 2013 Comments Off on Jade Sleepover

Our youngest granddaughter, Jade, is spending the night with us tonight. Jade, her mommy, daddy and little brother are all moving to San Antonio, TX next week so we are trying to spend a little extra time with Jade before she moves away.

We had a delicious meal and then settled in to relax for bedtime. First, Jade played a pirate game (she LOVES pirates!) on Grandma’s iPad and had so much fun finding buried treasure and sailing on the ocean.

Jade playing pirate games on the iPad


Then we had some good-spirited competition playing “Go Fish”, first with just Jade, Grandma and Granddad, then with Great-Granny when she joined us for the last two games. I think Jade won most of the games.

Jade playing Go Fish


Then it was time to brush our teeth, unbraid our hair, call mommy and daddy to say “Good night” and then climb into bed to go to sleep to the sounds of princess songs and music.

Going to miss the little scamp!