Jade Runs The Mickey Mile Race At EPCOT

This past Friday morning, February 21, 2014, Cindy and I traveled out to EPCOT to watch our four-year-old granddaughter Jade run in the “Mickey Mile” race. As it turned out, you could see the start from a distance but could only take photos or video tape the last few hundred feet to the finish line.

Cindy positioned herself at the last couple of hundred feet before the finish line with Jade’s Mama to video tape Jade and her Papa as they ran past on the way to the finish line, while I was on the far side of the finish line high up in the stands to take photos as Jade approached and crossed the finish line and received her medal.

We had so much fun watching and cheering on Jade as she completed the mile in 15:29!

First up below is the video Cindy shot of the last 30 seconds of the race as Jade approached the finish line. If you watch closely you’ll see Jade’s face burst into a huge smile and she almost stops when she sees Goofy near the finish line because she just loves Goofy and was so happy to see him.

Here are some photos of Jade before the race, crossing the finish line, receiving her medal, and getting her photo taken in the winners circle.

Jade and Papa

Jade and her Papa waiting to head to the starting line of the race.

Crowd shot with EPCOT's Spaceship Earth in the background.

Cindy and Jade’s Mama are at the opposite end of the stands from where I’m shooting this and are at ground level to video tape Jade as she passes.

Jade and Papa approach the finish line.

Jade and her Papa approach the finish line. Jade is ecstatic to see Goofy urging her on!

Jade and her Papa are almost to the finish line.

Jade and her Papa are almost to the finish line!

Jade crosses the finish line.

Jade crosses the finish line with a time of 15:29!

Jade receives her medal.

Jade on her Papa’s shoulders receiving her medal!

Jade holding her medal

Jade showing Granddad her medal.

Jade photographed in the winners circle with her medal.

Jade in the Winners Circle being photographed with her medal.


Congratulations to our sweet little granddaughter for running and finishing the race! We are so proud of her!






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    Yeah for the Breidings

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