Hello Arkansas!

I spent most of yesterday either preparing to fly or actually flying to Little Rock, Arkansas. Got the call Wednesday afternoon around 3pm and 24 hours later I was enroute. Here’s a video showing how the clouds looked like cotton candy as we were approaching Little Rock around 7:15 pm local time.

And here’s a photo showing the sun warming up the tops of the clouds with a soft yellow radiance.

clouds over little rock

By the time I landed, got my rental car and got checked into the hotel it was after 9pm, but I still needed to unpack, iron some clothes and wait for an almost 1 GB download to finish on my phone. That download was maps for the GPS/Navigation app I downloaded for my iPhone so I no longer have to drag a separate GPS device with me when I travel. I’m all for anything that lightens my luggage load. 🙂

Up early this morning, breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then got myself checked in, met by supervisor and some co-workers, then returned to my hotel room to work the rest of the day. I’ve been fielding calls and emails while working on some briefing documents.

I think I’m going to sleep soundly tonight. 🙂

The plan right now is that we will tour the damaged areas tomorrow, finish preparing for a large tour of the damaged areas by officials and dignitaries that takes place on Sunday, and then provide a presence during those tours when they actually take place on Sunday.

We always hit the ground running on these events.

Here’s a parting shot of an area of my desk here in the hotel room, notebook filled with call and email notes, and using my favorite kind of pen which my wonderful mother-in-law keeps me well-supplied with constantly.

notebook pen on desk


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2 Responses to Hello Arkansas!

  1. Desiree says:

    Off again? No rest for the weary! How long to you think this deployment will last? Beautiful cloud pics!!!!

  2. J.M. Wetherington Sr. says:

    Not sure yet how long this one may be, it’s usually hard to tell early on how much time will be needed. Plus, they’re looking at possibly adding some counties. Thanks for the kind words about the clouds 🙂

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