Happy Birthday Denise!

Today is the (mumble mumble) birthday of my friend Denise. I’m fortunate to be in Orlando and not far from her geographically, so we were able to meet for lunch today at one of her favorite places and spend a couple of hours catching up.

As I mentioned to her during lunch, I’m also fortunate in that it’s only been about 8 or 9 months since we last got to see each other. Usually, mostly due to our jobs, we find a year or more passing before we get to spend some time together in person. But we got to see each other on a day off last May while she was working in New York and I was working in New Jersey when we met and spent the day walking through Central Park in New York City, taking photos and just enjoying our friendship.

Denise with the Hooters girls

It was great seeing her for lunch at Hooters today. Here’s a photo of Denise and some of her new best friends.

Happy Birthday, my friend!

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  1. Denise says:

    Thank You Jeff! I always enjoy myself when we get the opportunity to meet up and catch up. Thank you for a fun lunch. 🙂

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