Happy 2nd Birthday, Maxwell!

Friday , 9, January 2015 Comments Off on Happy 2nd Birthday, Maxwell!

Today my youngest grandson, Maxwell, turns 2 years old. We don’t get to see him or his older sister Jade much, in person, but we do try to Skype with them once every couple of weeks. The last time we Skyped, Maxwell was showing us a song he was learning; “YMCA” by The Village People. When he started singing/talking the lyrics, “Young man, young man” as he paraded back and forth in front of the camera, I could not keep the smile off my face because it was so cute. Heck, I can’t keep the smile off my face now when I remember it.

I was working out of state when Maxwell was born and didn’t see him in person until he was a few months old. As a result, he was a little shy about letting me hold him when he first saw me. Cindy took this photo when Maxwell eventually let me hold him for the first time.

Maxwell and Granddad

Happy 2nd Birthday, Maxwell!!