Girl Scout Digital Cookies

Saturday , 6, December 2014 Comments Off on Girl Scout Digital Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie TimeI believe we have reached the peak of achievement in technological advances. At least we have if what was announced last week is true; that Girl Scout cookies will now be available to be ordered online!

The girls stopped going door-to-door years ago, and I think that was a good thing but I missed the ability to place my order from the convenience of my front porch. Then the girls’ parents began bringing order sheets to work, but if none of your co-workers had a daughter in the Girl Scouts then you missed out. Then they began setting up tables outside of grocery and department stores and if you were lucky enough to be going into one of those stores on a weekend that they were there you were good to go but if not, well you missed out again.

So I was thrilled to read last week that Girl Scout cookies will now be available online and be shipped directly to my door. And I’m also thrilled to know that there are several safety factors built in to the process. For instance, you have to receive an email invitation from a Girl Scout to order from her (and, since I don’t currently know any of my family or friends who have members of the Girl Scouts in them, I’d appreciate anyone reading this who does adding me to their email list) and only the Scout’s first name will be used. In addition, all online transactions are encrypted for the safety and privacy of both parties.

Girl Scout Thin Mint CookiesWhen I was younger and could eat as many sugar-based products as I wished, I would buy a case of Thin Mints, put them in the freezer (the cold REALLY brings out the mint flavor) and then eat a sleeve of them each night after dinner with a big cold glass of milk. These days I don’t do that anymore, but I still enjoy a few of those frozen Thin Mints as a snack or dessert.

So, thank you, Girl Scouts for making your wonderful cookies available for online ordering. I’m convinced we will never be more technologically advanced than we are now. 🙂