Father’s Day 2018

Sunday , 17, June 2018 Comments Off on Father’s Day 2018

It’s been three years since I shared my Father’s Day cards, gifts, and calls here, so I thought Father’s Day 2018 was perhaps time again.

First up is this awesome cap from my youngest grandchildren, Jade and Maxwell. Cindy is going to be bringing it to me in a couple of weeks when she comes to visit and I can’t wait to wear it.

Father's Day 2018 cap


While I was at brunch this morning, my step-daughter and middle granddaughter called to wish me a Happy Father’s Day! I always love hearing from them.


Next up for Father’s Day 2018 are the contents of a package my daughter sent me a few days ago. She enforced my rule of not opening gifts until the day of the event back on me, so I had to wait until today to open this while we were on FaceTime.

Father's Day 2018 BandaidsFirst up; my daughter and I have a friendly rivalry going over our two favorite teams – the Mighty Miami Dolphins for me and the Not-So-Good New England Patriots for her. For several months I’ve been razzing her on Facebook about Danny Amendola seeing the light and moving to play for the Dolphins, so she had to send me this childish paper she made showing Brady at the top and Amendola crossed out on the bottom and some trash-talking message about needing the Miami Dolphins’ BANDAIDS that she also sent along when they meet.


I get no respect.


But then she also included a nice card that made my eyes mist up a little bit.

Father's Day 2018 card from Ann


And finally; earlier this year she attended MegaCon in Orlando and they had a mock-up of the Starship Enterprise bridge, so she had a couple of photos taken of her in the captain’s chair for me.


Father's Day 2018 Enterprise Bridge

Now we know there are two Captain Wetheringtons in Starfleet!