Elvis Presley Quote on Values

Earlier today I was taking an online course titled, “Decision Making and Problem Solving” that is offered by my employer. It has the usual points this type of course would contain, but also includes points that we, as emergency managers making decisions that affect hundreds to thousands of people impacted by disaster, would also have to consider.

One of those points was considering the ethics of our decision-making process (as stewards of taxpayer funds, as well as being charged with public safety) and the effects of those decisions.

It’s a serious subject, so I never expected to see a quote by The King of Rock n’ Roll on one of the pages, but there it was.

Elvis Presley Quote on Values

I was so stunned that I thought it must be a mistake. Why would the late Elvis Presley, known for his music and movies and shaking his hips, have ever even had the occasion to comment on ethics and values?

But, sure enough, he did. And, here are a multitude of other quotes from him that people thought significant enough to gather in one place.

I don’t mean to imply he was unethical or had no values, not in the least, I just couldn’t imagine that it would ever come up in his conversation. In fact, I’m glad that it did. And it goes to show the multi-faceted sides of most people, sides we don’t often consider but should.

I left that online lesson today all shook up, in a good way.

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