Did You Know…?

Saturday , 21, December 2013 Comments Off on Did You Know…?

crossword200pxToday is the 100th birthday of the crossword puzzle. First published on this date in the New York World, it was known as a “word-cross” puzzle until an apparent typesetter’s error a decade later would give us the name we know today.

And it was about that same time that rules were established for a puzzle to be a true crossword:

– The pattern shall interlock all over.
– Only approximately one-sixth of the squares shall be black.
– The design shall be symmetrical.
– Obsolete and dialectic words may be used in moderation if plainly marked and accessible in some standard dictionary.…
– Abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes should be avoided as far as possible.
– …definitions may be of the safe and sane dictionary kind, may be literary or historical, may employ secondary meanings cleverly, may be legitimately funny.

But the big question is: do you do yours in pencil or pen?