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It’s day seven and the last day of our 21st Wedding Anniversary Week. We’re visiting Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park in Redmond, WA with Jade and Maxwell. You can click here to read about day one, here to read about day two, here to read about day three, here to read about day four, here to read […]

We have a couple of folks who (sadly) will be leaving our External Affairs group here in Austin tomorrow. After our going away potluck lunch today, one of them asked if there was a way to get a group photo. I volunteered to take the photo because I always have my DSLR camera with me, […]

It’s day four of our 21st Wedding Anniversary Week where we take a day trip to Ruby Beach on the West Coast of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. You can click here to read about day one, here to read about day two, and here to read about day three. Neither Cindy nor I had […]

On the same Saturday a couple of weeks ago that I visited the Alamo in San Antonio, I also took an opportunity to visit the River Walk in San Antonio and enjoy lunch on the river. Leaving the Alamo, San Antonio’s River Walk is about a half mile walk away. Well, I should clarify that; […]

A couple of Saturday’s ago I took the day to travel to San Antonio, Texas to visit and remember the Alamo. I had been planning to visit the Alamo since I first arrived in Texas back in August of 2017, but work schedules or weather or other events kept pushing back my plans. And, in […]

Restoring Family Photos Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Sunday , 4, February 2018 Comments Off on Restoring Family Photos Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Here in Texas, we’re approaching the 6-month mark following Hurricane Harvey’s tremendous impact on the Texas coastal area and metropolitan Houston, resulting in 68 deaths directly related to the storm, and in massive property damage and destruction. Having lived through Hurricane Charley in Florida back in 2004, I have a small idea of what survivors […]

On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 am, the single largest act of domestic terrorism our country has ever experienced took place at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a day that began like any other day for the Federal workers, visitors to the various agencies in the building and […]

Back in January, Grandma and I took Abby to Leu Gardens for a short morning visit. I’m finally getting around to looking over the photos I took and I found these six of Abby that I really liked, so I thought I’d post them. Abby is always (ok, almost always) happy to “model” for Granddad […]

In addition to the photos highlighting my mother-in-law in the Moving Day Parkinson’s Walk post last week, I had also taken many other photos of family members and the surroundings at Crane’s Roost Park. Here are some of the best of those photos.

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