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Here in Texas, we’re approaching the 6-month mark following Hurricane Harvey’s tremendous impact on the Texas coastal area and metropolitan Houston, resulting in 68 deaths directly related to the storm, and in massive property damage and destruction. Having lived through Hurricane Charley in Florida back in 2004, I have a small idea of what survivors […]

On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 am, the single largest act of domestic terrorism our country has ever experienced took place at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a day that began like any other day for the Federal workers, visitors to the various agencies in the building and […]

Back in January, Grandma and I took Abby to Leu Gardens for a short morning visit. I’m finally getting around to looking over the photos I took and I found these six of Abby that I really liked, so I thought I’d post them. Abby is always (ok, almost always) happy to “model” for Granddad […]

In addition to the photos highlighting my mother-in-law in the Moving Day Parkinson’s Walk post last week, I had also taken many other photos of family members and the surroundings at Crane’s Roost Park. Here are some of the best of those photos.

Here are the places on the Internet and Social Media where you can find me in 2015.   Visit my Blog Follow me on Twitter Network with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Google+ Facebook with me Tumbl with me on Tumblr Share photos with me on Instagram […]

Great Woodland Adventure

Wednesday , 10, December 2014 Comments Off on Great Woodland Adventure

I’m finally catching up on photos I took when Amber and Abby visited us in June of this year. After we hiked back from Hickory Nut Falls, I walked down to get our car from the parking lot and drove up to pick up Cindy, Amber and Abby, then we drove back toward the entrance […]

Hickory Nut Falls

Tuesday , 9, December 2014 Comments Off on Hickory Nut Falls

I’m finally catching up on photos I took when Amber and Abby visited us in June of this year. After we finished hiking to the top of Chimney Rock and I finished climbing even higher  to Devil’s Head and Exclamation Point, we took the elevator down to the bottom of Chimney Rock and then hiked […]

Hiking To Devil’s Head And Exclamation Point

Monday , 21, July 2014 Comments Off on Hiking To Devil’s Head And Exclamation Point

Hiking up to Chimney Rock was fun and we had some great views, but there was still more to do at Chimney Rock State Park and new heights to climb that were even higher than Chimney Rock. After we came back down from Chimney Rock, Amber suddenly realized she had dropped her glasses and went […]

Elk In The Cataloochee Valley

Wednesday , 9, July 2014 Comments Off on Elk In The Cataloochee Valley

After unexpectedly seeing a huge bull elk in Maggie Valley earlier in the day on Wednesday, June 25th and enjoying a pleasant walk around Lake Junaluska, we drove to the Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at dusk to see the nightly arrival of the elk coming out of the woods into […]

Walking Around Lake Junaluska

Tuesday , 8, July 2014 Comments Off on Walking Around Lake Junaluska

On Wednesday, June 25th, after we saw the unusual sight of a bull elk in Maggie Valley, we continued on to our original destination; Lake Junaluska. Lake Junaluska is a beautiful body of water just east of Maggie Valley surrounded by historic homes, a walking area that runs all the way around the edge of […]

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