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I came across an interesting article a few weeks ago about things that may influence our dreams. Being an avid dreamer, a weird dreamer and sometimes a nightmare dreamer, I was interested in what things in my life or in this world might be the cause of my somnambulant sojourns. “6 Surprising Things That Can […]

“You’ve Gotta Tell ‘em! Soylent Green Is People!”

Monday , 2, June 2014 Comments Off on “You’ve Gotta Tell ‘em! Soylent Green Is People!”

There’s a new nutrition shake on the market that, for some unknown reason, the makers decided to name “Soylent.” If you’re of a certain age you probably walked into a movie theater in 1973 to watch the late Charlton Heston star in the film “Soylent Green” and thus you know what Soylent Green was made […]

Monday through Wednesday night each week, the hotel offers a free dinner to guests. Sometimes the free fare is fit for a king and sometimes the grub is gross. Tonight the hotel was offering hot dogs and potato salad. I never willingly eat hot dogs, though I have choked them down when trying to be […]

Driving back from the VIP tornado damage tour earlier this afternoon, a truck pulled out in front of me as I was driving on the way back to Little Rock. We hit my driver side front fender to his passenger side front fender and spun around on the 2 lane highway until we were both […]

Playing Scrabble With Santa

Sunday , 15, December 2013 Comments Off on Playing Scrabble With Santa

Thanks to my brother for this one.

My November “Map My Walk” Summary

Sunday , 1, December 2013 Comments Off on My November “Map My Walk” Summary

Cindy and I have been using the “Map My Walk” app on our iPhones to keep track of our almost-daily (and sometimes twice a day) walks. One cool thing about the app is that it will give you weekly and monthly summaries of what you have accomplished. Here are the stats from my walks during […]

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