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I’m contemplating growing out my beard again (I have some scruffy growth that I’ve been shaping) and just happened to come across this infographic for picking the best beard style for your face type. I’m pretty sure I know which I am going to go with, but I’ll throw this question out there; what style […]

Wishing You A Happy Saturday!

Saturday , 10, January 2015 Comments Off on Wishing You A Happy Saturday!

See if you can identify this celebrity from his days in college. I didn’t recognize him until I was told who he is. Hopefully you’ll do better at it than I did.

How To Interact With Introverts

Wednesday , 26, November 2014 Comments Off on How To Interact With Introverts

I love this graphic. I don’t know where I got it from or I’d give credit.

So, Do You Think…

Wednesday , 26, November 2014 Comments Off on So, Do You Think…

  …that this store owner’s head would explode if a bearded gay man walked in using foul language while quoting John 3:16 and brandishing a handgun???

I don’t usually patronize McDonald’s unless my grandkids want to eat there because the golden arches haven’t appealed to me for a long time. But today, after dropping Cindy off at the DeBary Farmer’s Market so she could have her Mountain Creek Candles booth set up there, I drove to a nearby McDonald’s because they […]

Tornado Safe Rooms

Tuesday , 27, May 2014 Comments Off on Tornado Safe Rooms

If you live in an area prone to tornadoes and you doubt the usefulness of a safe room, take a look at this photo one of our photographers shot a couple of days after the EF4 tornado left a trail of destruction here in Arkansas at the end of last month. The entire home was […]

I was living in Miami, the hometown and headquarters of the Burger King Corporation, more than 40 years ago when they coined the “Have It your Way” slogan for their flagship burger, The Whopper. Over the intervening years, they’ve expanded the use of that well-known meme for their entire menu. But no more. Today BK, […]

Today we had to endure our first “Goodbye” in External Affairs for this disaster as Crystal, our Resource Manager, is leaving to return home to her husband and two babies. This was my first time working with Crystal, and it was a complete pleasure which I hope to repeat on some other deployment. When you […]

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