Bella’s Third Anniversary

Saturday , 12, April 2014 1 Comment

It was 3 years ago today that we adopted Bella into our home and lives. As I told my friend Desiree the other day over lunch; the pain of losing Wolf was still so sharp that I was not ready to open my heart again at that point, but Cindy was and so we went looking. I think we spent about 6 weeks meeting various rescue dogs and nothing seemed right until we met Bella, one of 7 or 8 (I think) rescue puppies from one litter who were being fostered in a home.

It’s hard to accurately state how much love Bella brought to us. She has been the absolute sweetest dog I have ever been around. She is gentle, loving, playful and has, just by her presence, brought so much peace and joy into our hearts and lives. I can’t imagine her not being with us.

Here are some photos of  her from that day and one from a few days ago.

Cindy and Bella

Cindy and Bella just before we took Bella home on April 12, 2011.

Jeff and Bella

Bella and I on April 12, 2011.


Bella a few days ago enjoying the garden. She has grown into such a beautiful girl.



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  • montemartin says:

    I remember you telling me that you got a dog…I think we were in Alabama? There’s nothing like the love of a dog…man and woman’s best friend is so true.