Babysitting Abby

Saturday , 7, December 2013 1 Comment

Today was the annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon that involves my wife’s family and other relatives’ families. It’s a pretty involved affair held every year sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas at a nice restaurant.

Since Cindy, her mom and her daughter were all going I volunteered to babysit our granddaughter Abby during the event. Abby wasn’t going because the daughters have to be 13 to attend and Abby, being only four, is just a bit short of that age.

We had a lot of fun. We did chalk drawings on the front sidewalk, blew soap bubbles, played fetch with Bella, had lunch together and then watched some cartoons.

Here are some photos from our day.





I love the look on Abby's face!

I love the look on Abby’s face!


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  • Art Littlefield says:

    Great pictures of Abby Jeff!