And We’re Back…

With images!

Man holding head in pain in front of his laptopTwelve days ago I wrote about my beard growth and included a photo. When I posted it, not only did the photo NOT appear but I noticed that ALL my post photos from the past were also not showing. They were in the media library, right where they should be, but weren’t posting.

I then went to my hosting service to look into the files on the cPanel with the intent of checking for errors, but when I logged into cPanel it would not accept my username/password.

IT CartoonI instituted a chat with tech support and the guy was no help so I asked to be moved up to a higher level. Wouldn’t do it. Said I had to do what he wanted me to do. I typed a few choice words, left him the lowest rating I could, then sent an email to the host explaining the issue and asking them to fix whatever the error was within a week; otherwise I’d be changing my hosting service.


So I moved to Siteground, which I had used before for a friend of mine with his site. In the space of a little over an hour they had moved all my files for this blog, plus my Word of Jeff blog, plus Cindy’s Mountain Creek Candles site to their service AND found the error in the cPanel and fixed that for me so that all my images and photos were restored to their respective posts.

Customer service is a great thing.

I also purchased a new domain name and started setting up a site that I plan to unveil sometime in the next year or so. It’s a fun project and I’m looking forward to revealing it, but can’t say anything about it right now.

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2 Responses to And We’re Back…

  1. Heather Torrey says:

    Woohoo! Glad to have you back. And it’s good to know there are good businesses out there.

  2. J.M. Wetherington Sr. says:

    Thanks Heather!

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