“…and keep reaching for the stars.”

Sunday , 15, June 2014 Comments Off on “…and keep reaching for the stars.”

Casey KasemI never knew Casey Kasem personally, but after listening to him on his American Top 40 radio and TV broadcasts week after week, he was a substantial part of my early life. No doubt it was listening to his rock n’ roll trivia questions each week that sparked my interest in the backgrounds and untold stories of musical artists I enjoy listening to.

One of the major impacts, however, was his signature sign-off phrase on both his radio and television broadcasts. Those simple words seemed to encapsulate what every centered person should strive for; “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

Recent newscasts made it obvious that his time here on earth was short, but I was still saddened to read of his passing this morning. I’m sure it had to have been especially heartbreaking for his children on this Father’s Day.

R.I.P Casey Kasem, and thanks again for the great advice.