After The Elliptical My Condition Was Critical

Thursday , 12, September 2013 2 Comments

Went to the hotel gym right after work only to find that both treadmills were non-functioning. A certain dread began to creep up my spine and I slowly turned to the corner where this mechanical creature sat, a low, evil chuckle emerging from somewhere in its metal and plastic interior.


I’ve been afraid this day would come and now it is here. I don’t want to skip my workout. I’m in a good habit of doing it almost every day after work and it’s helped me drop a few pounds so far and seems to be helping with my overall health. But this pile of nuts and bolts and pulleys is a different breed of physical torture. It knows that, right now, it is capable of kicking my butt.

And so do I.

“Doesn’t matter.”, I tell myself, “You’ve got to at least try.” And so I straighten myself, walk over to the machine and climb on.


Twelve minutes was all I could do! I woozily stepped off, my thighs and calves burning while feeling like wet noodles, all at the same time. Took a 3 minute breather then moved over to the free weights and did some different reps. I was mush!

I hope they have the treadmills fixed by tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “ : After The Elliptical My Condition Was Critical”
  • Desiree says:

    I always thought the elliptical was easier than the treadmill. Maybe it’s just kinder in my knees. Keep it up…. Cross training is good for you!

  • J.M. Wetherington Sr. says:

    The elliptical, the first time I got on it, killed my left knee and I got off after a minute and went back to the treadmill. Today it wasn’t a problem for the knee, which was the only reason I was able to stay on as long as I did. I’m taking it as a challenge now to increase my time on it, lol.