Abby’s Magic Kingdom 4th Birthday Photos

Back on her 4th birthday last month, Abby, her mom and grandma all went to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Abby wore her Cinderella dress, a crown, had her hair styled and wore a badge that cast members gave her so that everyone who saw her would know it was her birthday. Quite a few of the park guests walked up to her and said, “Happy Birthday Abby!” which thrilled her to no end.

But her biggest thrill was getting her picture taken with Cinderella, her favorite Disney princess. She also had photos taken with other princesses, as well as some photos of her throughout the park with her mom and grandma.

Here are the photos we purchased from that day, they just arrived today in the mail.

Abby with Cinderella


Abby with Disney Princess


Abby showing her Princess attitude.


Abby with her mom and grandma.

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