A Pretty Crappy Day Made Better

Tuesday , 11, March 2014 1 Comment

Rescue dogWoke up this morning to an email from the hosting service that has Cindy’s business website telling me that there was malware on the site and I have 7 days to clean it up or they will take it offline. I’ve spent most of today finding the malware scripts (nothing harmful, per se, just SEO malware that is frowned on because it tries to game the search bots) and then trying to remove them. I say “trying” because I have not yet succeeded despite deleting and replacing what I thought were the affected files and directories. I’ve been so tied up with it that I never even got out of my sweatpants and t-shirt that I slept in last night. It’s been frustrating.

So, this video, and my own sweet Bella, made me feel much better. If you ever have the opportunity, please adopt a rescue animal.  They bring so much love and compassion to your life, especially on those bad days we all have.

P.S. The bouncer scene above brought back a funny memory for me. I used to be a bouncer and one night I threw a guy out of the club. His reactions was much like the guys in the video and went like this:

Asshole: “Man, I’m gonna come back when you get off work and fuck you up!”

Me: “Why wait? I’m here, you’re here, so let’s go.”

Asshole: “I’m gonna get you when you get off work. You won’t see me coming.”

Me: “Ah, so you’re an asshole AND a coward. Can’t find the balls to face me and do your best, I see now.”

Asshole: “Man, you’re dead when you get off. I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you!”

Me: “OK, I’ll see you then. I get off at 3am, don’t be late.”

He never came back.

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  • Ugh! Malware scripts are the worst! I feel your pain friend. At least you have puppy love. =)