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Best Sci-Fi Film the Year You Were Born

Wednesday , 28, February 2018 Comments Off on Best Sci-Fi Film the Year You Were Born

Have you ever wondered what the best sci-fi film the year you were born might be? Neither have I, but once I saw this link my curiosity was piqued. Now, I’m a pretty big fan of the science fiction genre, from books to TV shows and movies, but I’ve never heard of this movie before, […]

Happy 56th Birthday to The Incredible Hulk

Tuesday , 27, February 2018 Comments Off on Happy 56th Birthday to The Incredible Hulk

It was 56 years ago this month that The Incredible Hulk #1 hit the newsstands of the day, though cover-dated May, which was the practice in those days. The year before Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had started the Marvel Comics revolution with the publication of Fantastic Four #1, and now they added The Incredible […]

Imagine, if you will, the joy and awe you could feel driving or riding down a highway and seeing a highway art gallery, so to speak, with painted masterpieces along the side of the road accompanied by information about those works of art streaming through your radio. I think this caught my eye because I’m […]

Do You VERO?

Monday , 26, February 2018 Comments Off on Do You VERO?

So, a Facebook friend of mine posted a couple of days ago that she was trying out the VERO-True Social app and I thought I’d look into it. Facebook has not been my preferred platform for a long time for a variety of reasons. I’m really only interested in seeing posts from my friends, not […]

Funny Pics

Monday , 26, February 2018 Comments Off on Funny Pics

Around the end of January, Google Sites sent me an email talking about one of “my” sites, except it wasn’t. When I clicked on the link I found one of my brother’s old sites and this page of funny pics or regular pics my brother had posted with funny captions. You should check it out […]

Netflix Reboot of Lost in Space

Monday , 26, February 2018 Comments Off on Netflix Reboot of Lost in Space

Netflix just announced that they would be releasing their reboot of Lost in Space which will begin streaming on April 13, 2018. As an 11-year-old growing up in the space age of NASA’s Gemini program and science fiction movies, I loved Lost in Space when it first aired, especially because it had a kid about […]

I attended the North Texas Comic Book Show a couple of weekends ago and you can read about my two days there by clicking here for the first part of day one, here for the second part of day one, and here for day two. Today’s post is just a few photos I took during […]

This and That

Friday , 23, February 2018 Comments Off on This and That

Just a collection of this and that from recent things I’ve read, seen or experienced. Barnes and Noble Going Under? I know, I know, we keep hearing it more and more over the past few years but this piece from CNBC makes it seem even closer at hand, what with the layoffs of their lead […]

I’m finally getting around to writing about and sharing photos from my trip to the North Texas Comic Book Show – Day Two. You can read about day one, part one here; and day one, part two here. This will be long as I’m trying to fit it all into one post. The Sunday morning […]

I can count on one finger (guess which one) the number of times I have used the self-checkout lane at any store I shop at. Actually, I should amend that; I’ve used the self-checkout lane successfully one time, the other three times required an attendant to come over and fix something that went wrong with […]