Firefighter Santa And Abby

Tuesday , 16, December 2014 Comments Off on Firefighter Santa And Abby

Every year the Neighborhood Association where Cindy’s parents live hosts a community gathering for children on a December evening with snacks, cookies, warm apple cider, hot chocolate and a featured guest…Santa Claus, who arrives on a firefighter’s truck from the local fire station.

This year’s gathering was held Sunday night, December 14th and was one of the most well-attended I’ve ever seen. I estimate that there were 250 or so people there and at least 100 of them were children who wanted to see Santa. My middle granddaughter Abby was one of them and here are a few photos from the event.

Neighborhood Association Firefighter Santa Claus

Here comes Santa, not arriving on a sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer but in the local fire station firetruck complete with lights and sirens.

Neighborhood Firefighter Santa Claus

The children are happy and excited to see Old Saint Nick.

Neighborhood Firefighter Santa Claus

My middle granddaughter Abby, having a heart to heart chat with Santa.

Neighborhood Firefighter Santa Claus

Whatever she said, it caused the Jolly Old Elf to laugh in joy.

Neighborhood Firefighter Santa Claus

A big hug for Kris Kringle.

Neighborhood Firefighter Santa Claus

Somebody is very happy!

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