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Tonight the New Year’s Eve Ball will drop in Times Square signaling (at least for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone) the beginning of a New Year. A lot of people use the New Year as a demarcation point in their own lives as well; a chance to “reset” some portion or portions […]

What New Year’s Resolution?

Wednesday , 31, December 2014 Comments Off on What New Year’s Resolution?

Fun With Spam – The Tractor Trailer Edition

Tuesday , 30, December 2014 Comments Off on Fun With Spam – The Tractor Trailer Edition

Every once in a while, among all the Viagra, Hot Babe and Penis Enlargement spam I get, some really, REALLY strange ones that just jump out of my spam folder when I review it.   Here’s one I received this morning. Purportedly it is from “City of San Diego” (though the “from” email address is […]

Here are the places on the Internet and Social Media where you can find me in 2015.   Visit my Blog Follow me on Twitter Network with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Google+ Facebook with me Tumbl with me on Tumblr Share photos with me on Instagram […]

Happy 92nd Birthday To Stan Lee

Sunday , 28, December 2014 Comments Off on Happy 92nd Birthday To Stan Lee

Born on this date in 1922 in Manhattan, NY, Stanley Martin Lieber would grow up to rename himself Stan Lee and become the editor and eventual publisher of Marvel Comics, in addition to many other entertainment industry projects and businesses. But it is as writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics that most people of […]

This won’t interest many people, but TripAdvisor sent me this graphic a few days ago showing that my measly 7 reviews of places I’ve been (I probably should do more on TA, but I’ve usually just posted them to this blog instead) have garnered 5,230 views by fellow travelers. I’m sure other, more prolific reviewers […]

Our Christmas Day actually began on Christmas Eve with most of the family gathering at Cindy’s parents’ home at 5pm. After a wonderful meal and Christmas present-opening, several of us took our traditional walk through the neighborhood to enjoy the decorated homes. At 7am Christmas morning, Cindy and I arrived at Amber’s. We got to […]

See if you can identify this celebrity from his days in college. I didn’t recognize him until I was told who he is. Hopefully you’ll do better at it than I did.

Carolina Christmas

Thursday , 25, December 2014 Comments Off on Carolina Christmas

I’m not at Wolf’s Haven for the holidays this year, but one of these days I will be and when I am it will be a Carolina Christmas with the Squirrel Nut Zippers!

Here’s a photo of my daughter Ann on Christmas morning 1977 when she was 2 1/2 years old. She was and still is such a beautiful girl and will always be my Princess. 🙂