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This post is inspired by something I saw online two weeks ago, which I’ll get to in a moment. John Schneider is an actor, probably best known for his roles as Bo Duke in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s TV show, “The Dukes of Hazard” and as Jonathan Kent in the 2001 to 2011 […]

I’ve always liked Jazz, from the moment I first heard it. In fact, probably before I even knew I had heard it because if I remember correctly my first exposure to it was in the theme music of some late-50’s to mid-60’s TV shows. It wasn’t until years later than I realized so many of […]

Sage Advice

Tuesday , 28, January 2014 Comments Off on Sage Advice

I’m often asked why I don’t associate with certain people and my response is “I don’t want, or need, toxic people in my life.” This graphic offers some very sage advice about the kinds of people we allow in our lives.

Today is the (mumble mumble) birthday of my friend Denise. I’m fortunate to be in Orlando and not far from her geographically, so we were able to meet for lunch today at one of her favorite places and spend a couple of hours catching up. As I mentioned to her during lunch, I’m also fortunate […]

Heather Spending The Night

Sunday , 26, January 2014 Comments Off on Heather Spending The Night

Friday night we got to have our oldest granddaughter, Heather, spend the night with us. Grandma took her to see “Frozen” in the late afternoon and then the two of them met Cindy’s parents and myself for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Saturday morning Heather helped Grandma make scrambled eggs for everyone for breakfast (they were […]

Superman Robe

Saturday , 25, January 2014 Comments Off on Superman Robe

You know, having all kinds of Superman memorabilia like cups, glasses, banks, the Superman emblem, a plaster statue of Superman, a stuffed Superman doll, Superman action figures (standing and flying), Superman shampoo bottles, Superman playing cards, key chains, a Superman iPhone case, books, Superman T-shirts, comics and even the full costume, cape and all, hanging […]

30 Years Of Hulkamania!

Thursday , 23, January 2014 Comments Off on 30 Years Of Hulkamania!

It was 30 years ago today that Hulkamania was born when Hulk Hogan met and defeated The Iron Sheik in the middle of a wrestling ring in Madison Square Garden. Even people who don’t watch “Sports Entertainment”, as it is now known, are aware of this bigger than life figure. Other than his “heel” turn […]

Some Good Laughs On These Gag Reels

Wednesday , 22, January 2014 Comments Off on Some Good Laughs On These Gag Reels

If you’ve got the free time (I only had time to watch a few, though I could NOT watch the “Lost” reel because I hate that show) and need some laughs, these gag reels from normally dramatic shows can provide a healthy dose of humor, especially as a counterpoint to their usual serious scenes. Or […]

And People Wonder Why I’m So Quiet

Tuesday , 21, January 2014 Comments Off on And People Wonder Why I’m So Quiet

Batman TV Series Coming To DVD This Year

Sunday , 19, January 2014 Comments Off on Batman TV Series Coming To DVD This Year

“Holy DVD, Batman!” The Batman TV series, which aired for 3 seasons in 1966 – 1968 and starred Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin, is finally going to be released as a DVD set later this year, according to Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. I was 10 ½ years old and […]